"Who's to say what is 'better'?", you ask.

"You are." is the obvious answer.  For you, anyway.

Others may know a lot about you, people, in general, or behavioural science. When we can calm our selves, pay attention and really listen, NOBODY know us like our selves.  Even more importantly, no one else is a responsible for or accountable to us.  The bottom line is, we get/have to live with our selves every day of our lives. 

So, how do we go about getting 'better'?

First, we have to define what 'better' us. Based upon what is we discovered is most important in by using Simplicity, we can find a path forward that better meets or suits that.

We can then work out what we need to DO to get that. Finally, we have to know how to maintain 'being better' as the 'new' me.


Let's get started then...
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