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Craft Links

28 Life Hacks

From 5-Minute Crafts

Education Links

Free Online Courses

The Future of Education

The Book of Life

A solid but easy-to-read collection of useful information about..well, all aspect of life.

Entertainment Links

Twitch TV

Games and more

Experience Links

10 Most Famous Landmarks

A collection of links to the top spots

Virtual Expereinces

Experimental experiences

Virtual flights

Enjoy the view, from the safety and comfort of home

General Links

100 Life Hacks

from Lifehacks

Things to Do

Activities of all sorts

Virtual Meetings

Good information on how to have good, productive, and easy meeting online

Hacks Links

101 Awesome Life Hacks

From Medium

Ice Cube Tray Hacks

Internal Links

360 Focus

Our parent foundation, who make this site possible.

Museums Links

Museum Visits

From Travel and Leisure

Personal Links

Beyond Blue

A great source of help for anxiety, depression, and coping difficulties.

Related Links

Living With Change

A non-profit project to help us cope with the unexpected and turn it into a positive.

Visits Links

30 Virtual Visits

From Good Housekeeping

Google Earth

Most countries, regions, cities, and places use this truly global resource.

Tour the World

My TOP rated series from TourRadar travel

Tours of Earth

Out worlds as you've never seen it before

Visit Victoria Australia

from Travel & Leisure

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