Which 'Me"?

Each of us is a composite of several people, in a unique and ever-changing balance. The student, the partner, the worker, the parent, the neighbour, the fixer-upper, and the retiree are all hats we have to wear in life.  That's the problem, for most of us.

'Getting it together' hard, but compounded by the fact that throughout our lives, the balance is always changing. Just when we 'get it right' or find a way to be happy, things change!  Partners are met, pipes break, kids come along, jobs are lost, fortunes are made, separations and pandemics seem to 'just happen'.  In the meantime, our goals change. Our values change.  and our abilities change.

This section is about working with that, so the 'me' at the end of this is the 'me. you most want to be.

Let's get to it..

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